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Steps To Perform Routine Garage Maintena

April 28, 2013

Steps To Perform Routine Garage Maintenance Garage maintenance keeps everything smoothly functioning and prevents any unnecessary wear and tear. By failing to lubricate a door, it will experience more strain and break down quickly. Leaving dirt on the ground causes it to be carried inside and harm the indoor carpeting. If salt lies on floors for extended time periods, the concrete may flake. Enduring oil splotches result in asphalt deterioration. Garage doors must be annually lubricated and inspected frequently. The hinges, rollers, tracks of the door must be thoroughly cleaned. Do not start with oil, because this leads to the collection of dirt. Instead find a rag and soak it in paint thinner. Then, using this, clean rollers, tracks, and hinges. After this is done the penetrating oil should be applied. Excess oils can be removed using a towel or a rag. Always maintain a fully lubricated door, and oil it each year. By not doing this, extra strain is put upon the system and it can fail prematurely. Make sure all screws and bolts are sufficiently tight and secure. All mechanical devices, including hinges, pulleys, chains, and rollers, must be inspected for signs of wear. The windows should be checked for any loose putty and well as the doors bottom to make sure the weather stripping is intact. If there is wear and this is not operating optimally, it will not form a seal as the door closes. In attached garages, window that leak or bottoms with worn weather stripping lose heat. This in turn leads to an increase in the


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