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Some General Information Regarding Invis

April 25, 2013

Some General Information Regarding Invisalign Braces Invisalign braces are special tools used by dentists and orthodontists to help straighten a patient’s teeth. They are offered as an alternative to traditional metal braces and are clear so that the wearer’s mouth and smile aren’t obstructed. The devices are also easily removable by the patient, unlike regular ones which require a physician to uninstall them. Regular braces are required when a patient’s teeth are so off centered or crooked that it is affecting their overall bite or dental health. The process of installing them is often a painful and lengthy one that results in several uncomfortable and embarrassing years of wearing them. Nearly one million people have received invisalign braces from their dentists and the majority of them would most likely attest to the treatment’s benefits. The most obvious benefits of this dental alignment type is a cosmetic one. The transparency of the device makes it more difficult to detect or see than regular braces which is of course a major plus for an adult patient who may feel that wearing teeth straighteners are much more adolescent traits. Due to their form fitting design, the braces are dramatically more comfortable than their older counterparts as well. And while metal sets require regular and painful tightenings, Invisalign patients merely have to get their aligners reshaped or replaced as their teeth straighten out. The tools also have the extra bonus of being easily removable, meaning that they can be quickly taken out p


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