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A Short Chronicle Of Arcade Amusements:

January 22, 2013

A Short Chronicle Of Arcade Amusements: Then And Present Arcade games and amusement arcades have been sucking up money from children like some enjoyable but fatal disease since the emergence of leisure time and weekends in Europe some 150 years ago. There is a direct lineage between the quaint and simple amusements that we play today and the massive steam powered contraptions that entertained children during the days of European empires and insane royalty. Shooting has always been one of the most popular ways to waste your spare change. Nowadays with high tech games such as Rambo and Time Crisis we can pretend to be super soldiers or agents testing our speed and accuracy with automatic weapons in beautiful 3D rendered worlds. It is amazing to think that the same games were being played in the 19th century using muskets and wooden painted boards in front of oil paintings of the world. A game that has changed even less than the shooting challenge is the penny drop machine. This game is a harmless and risk free form of gambling where players roll a penny onto a moving shelf full of pennies to make a load of pennies drop out of the machine. The game we see today is exactly the same as it’s 19th century ancestor except that now the shelves are automated rather than being pulled by ponies in the originals. Grab the toy has also been a mainstay of the arcades since the beginning. Traditionally trying to collect a plush toy from a glass box full of them using a mechanical claw this game played a starring role in the popular Toy Story


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