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Did Alex Jones Discredit Gun Owners Worl

January 13, 2013

Did Alex Jones Discredit Gun Owners Worldwide? “Jones was there to look bad, and to make Piers look good. Jones is an agent of the system, not of truth. The idea is to uniformly present all patriots and gun owners as being like Alex Jones. Loud, boisterous mentally unhinged bullies.” Piers Morgan says, “Bingo” by Chris Haywood ( What on earth did we witness Monday night? So many questions. Alex Jones was on Piers Morgan’s CNN show, ranting and raving like a lunatic, whilst Piers just sat there and took it. Why was Alex on the show? Alex was on the show for one reason. The station his show is on is an affiliate of time warner. He is not an independent broadcaster. Alex is as much a part of the same system as Piers Morgan. When you think in terms of association, Alex is to Warner as Glenn Beck is to Fox. He fulfills a purpose, and attracts a fringe audience, an audience that pays subscription fees to GCN (via So Alex was on the show because he is a ‘TV’, presenter. He’s like a specialist reporter, a TV personality and an agent provocateur all rolled into one. For an example of an independent broadcaster, think William Cooper, who did it all by himself. Why did he shout, and rant so much? When someone watches the news, they expect certain things, usually – cool, calm, objective reporting. This is why they watch the news. People who like shouting will watch WWE, and we all know thats fake right? Imagine watching a political debate and Romney starts screaming in Obama’s face. Obama of course just sits there, without fear, and takes it. This is taking the higher ground. Jones was there to look bad, and to make Piers look good. Jones was there to look like an idiot, a bully, and a psycho. Jones was there to be the patsy. Now whether or not what he said was true, it was the delivery that mattered. I cannot state this enough, Jones is an agent of the system, not of truth. Why was this allowed to happen? For exactly the reason William Cooper said “Because they haven’t got the guns out of the hands of the American people”. I’m not saying that Jones will single handedly bring down gun ownership. But he is a cog in a big machine. The idea is to uniformly present all patriots and gun owners as being like Alex Jones. Loud, boisterous mentally unhinged bullies. If anyone thinks that the founding fathers were anything like Jones you are sadly mistaken. If Jones was a founding father, the revolution would likely have never happened. Why did he threaten a revolution? One thing people consider to be terrorism (thanks to “Law and Order” which I watched yesterday) is any threat of violence. There is a movement that would like ANY behavior which threatens violence to be considered as an act of terror – especially when politically motivated. Jones presents patriots as being potentially listed as terrorists on various government hit lists. Jones is an agent provocateur, he wants a revolution. He won’t be fighting in it, he’ll be watching from his government safe-house. But by threatening a revolution, he has now purposely given legitimacy to government labelling patriots as terrorists – enemies of the state if you like. Remember, people like Jones and Icke have ALWAYS said ‘no violence, only peaceful means’. Why the sudden change? Because whatever is coming, is COMING soon. Do not fall for their garbage. Remember what the average person wants (straight from the bible) PEACE AND SECURITY. You threaten that and in their eyes you are THE ENEMY. Why did he challenge Piers to a boxing match? To be a bully, nothing more. Piers is no threat to him. ergo all Patriots are loudmouth bullies. Why does anyone think that Alex is on ‘our side’? Alex is a typical cult leader. He tells you that you cannot trust anyone but him, its addictive, I need to tune in to the Alex Jones show to get some truth. I need to hear what HE says about todays news. I’ve been there! But he also says that the news is full of lies,…


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