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Are More “Pre Planned Mass Shootings”

December 29, 2012

Are More “Pre Planned Mass Shootings” Due To Occurr in Near Future? HOW ABOUT JANUARY 3RD, 2013? It is becoming clear that the staged school shooting in Connecticut is not going to be enough to scare the American people into voluntarily handing over their guns. What’s needed is an event of ‘Shock and Awe’ proportions—a 9-11-style body blow to the collective psyche… “I’ll pick the time and the place. No question about that.” —Dianne Feinstein BACK IN 2009, Mrs Feinstein seemed to have ‘something in the works’. Reading between the lines, it almost felt like she was trying to tell us something. Well, maybe not us— the clueless proles—but to the cadre of critical thinkers out there she seemed to be hinting she was waiting for the right crisis, the right timing, to present her new gun legislation. The 1995 Oklahoma City bombing. The three men framed for the False Flag event had shared interests in survivalism, opposed gun control, and supported the militia movement. 168 were killed, including 19 children under the age of 6. THE HORROR OF SANDY HOOK, following close on the heels of the Batman shooting, is such a crisis—but it’s still not enough. Yes, the massacring of innocent children pulls at the heart-strings, but there are some pretty grizzled, diehard gun-owners out there who still need some persuading. So they need to be targeted. The NRA or one of the many private militias needs to be directly implicated in an even more diabolical crime. Huge loss of life, obviously, but it must also be an attack on something that symbolizes ‘American values’ —liberty, freedom, justice, and so on. Something that will unite everyone in outrage… Like a public building, somewhere… When the 113th Congress convenes on January 3 , long-time gun control advocate Sen. Dianne Feinstein will introduce a bill, provisionally called the “2013 Feinstein Assault Weapons Legislation,” ( download pdf ) to restrict Americans’ Second Amendment right to bear arms. 1313 . Assault Weapon Ban


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