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Why they Want America Disarmed http://bi

December 25, 2012

Why they Want America Disarmed If you ever watch a TV show or movie when there is a bank robbery. You see an armed guard com in. Before the robbers can rob a bank. They have to disarm the guard who has a gun. Then they can take all the money out of the bank. Just like when they rob an armored car. They have to disarm the person in the back before they take the money out of the back. I am not going to get into the Sandy Hook massacre. We won the argument for the right to keep and bear arms. Still why is still the other side trying to scream for gun control? Why do they want to have the American people disarmed? It is not because of the children.Well look what they want to do because the American people are very well armed. As long we are still armed, the tyrants hands are tied. Starting January 1, 2013, the Bush Tax cuts expire. Taxes will be raised will stall the economy. Many IRS agents will come out to harass people who are broke. As long the people are armed. The IRS might meet resistance from people trying to keep their homes. They want to enforce UN Agenda 21. They cannot remove people off their land in rural areas into the big cities. People cannot be forced into FEMA camps against their will to commit genocide. If we can still resist. They cannot move. They cannot dominate every facet in our lives if we can still fight back. The TSA will have a hard time at Highway checkpoints because people will not tolerate it for too long. They cannot round-up people and have them executed into mass graves if the citizens are armed. They cannot enforce Obamacare with IRS coming out trying to make people pay for nor can afford to buy a health plan no one wants. The cannot seize people’s private pension funds to bail out the too big to fail banks. That will make many people very angry. The system wants the people disarmed for one reason. When this economy collapses. It’s game over. Many people will hunt down the thieves who stole their wealth. The country can only loot so much before they cross a line where bullets will start flying. The system knows the people do not trust the government at all. People are not buying guns in record numbers because they want to go hunting. They are buying them to resist tyranny. Do the people really trust the government will be nice to us if we all turn in our weapons? Do you think they will keep their word and protect us if we surrender our firearms? Do not bet on it. If you think the government is abusive now with the people being armed. It will be hell on earth to give up our guns to these wicked men. Most of the world, the people are disarmed. Their governments are ruthless and do not care because the people cannot fight back. We are the last house on the block that still is armed. When we succeed in holding the line not surrendering our guns causing the bankers to be arrested. We could see a chain reaction around the world of Banker tyranny being thrown off. It is not Obama only who wants the guns, It’s the banking cartel that wants us disarmed so they can loot of what is left of the nation and to oppress the population. We are the stumbling block to the globalist because we have guns. This is why we have to hold the line and say no. It is our God-given right to self-defense. It is part of our right to life and our instinct for self-preservation. The second Amendment is necessary for the Security of a FREE STATE. A right that shall not be infringed. It has nothing to do with duck hunting or target shooting. It is about putting down tyranny when government become oppressive. The people in office do not want a free state. They want an empire of world domination of the people and the nations. We are a threat to that power if we stand our ground being armed. As long we stay armed. We can keep our land and our families will stick together. If we disarm. Our families are broken up and all we worked for is stolen. If we stay armed to the teeth. They cannot steal what is left of…


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