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Chinese Speaking Woman Arrested and Tase

December 25, 2012

Chinese Speaking Woman Arrested and Tasered for Trying To Buy iPhones A Chinese woman living in Massachusetts was tased repeatedly by police at a mall after store owners called police when she attempted to buy more than one iPhone as gifts for her family. WMUR news reports that 44-year-old Xiaojie Li was visiting the mall in Nashua, New Hampshire, last week to buy christmas presents, but ran into trouble at the Apple store. WMUR Reports: NASHUA, N.H . — A language barrier might be to blame for an incident at the busy Pheasant Lane Mall in Nashua. Officers said they had to use a Taser on a woman they were trying to arrest Tuesday. Investigators said an incident at the mall’s Apple store a few days ago sparked the situation. WMUR reporters spoke with 44-year-old Xiaojie Li at her Newton, Mass., home after she was released on bond. Xiaojie claims she cannot speak English and had to talk through her daughter. Her daughter said, “My mom says she doesn’t know why they called the police because she doesn’t understand what they are talking about.” The family said Xiaojie wanted to buy several iPhones for family in China but on Friday was limited to buying two. Xiaojie said she recorded video in the store of what looked like other customers buying more. Nashua police confirm she was asked to leave and the store even requested a no-trespass order. When Xiaojie returned Tuesday to buy more iPhones, police said she was asked to leave again. Was it a “Language Barrier”? Was this ‘to compel obedience’? Or was it out right police brutality? Over iPhones?!! Li, who cannot speak English very well, was confused when workers refused to allow her to buy more than two iPhones. According to her daughter, Li recorded video of other customers buying multiple iPhones, prompting Apple staff to ask her to leave. According to Nashua police, the store notified them of the incident and requested a no-trespass order. When Li returned to the store Tuesday and attempted once more to buy several iPhones, police were called to the scene. Her daughter told WMUR, “My mom says she doesn’t know why they called the police because she doesn’t understand what they are talking about.” “The manager of Apple store came and told her something but she doesn’t understand,” the daughter added. Police claim she then resisted arrest, forcing them to use a taser on her. Onlookers captured the incident on a camera phone. Li can be seen writhing on the ground as the cracking electricity of the taser causes her to scream. “My mom’s just really upset because she’s in a different country (and) nobody’s helping her. She doesn’t understand any English,” Li’s daughter said. Li was charged with criminal trespass and resisting arrest, and will appear in court in January. As we continually note, incidents like this involving police using tasers are occurring everyday, despite the fact that the weapons are designed only to be used as a last resort before lethal action. It is clear that police are now being trained to use tasers on anyone who does not follow orders or resists them in any fashion. The fact that Li could not understand their orders clearly had no bearing for police in this instance, and may have even exacerbated the situation and made them reach for a taser even sooner. As we reported recently, two police officers in Texas tasered a man who was having a seizure , merely because he was not responding to their orders. The shock from the weapon caused the 50-year-old to suffer a heart attack and permanent brain damage. The cops were so ill equipped to deal with the situation, that they just broke out tasers and shocked a man who was already convulsing on the ground. It took paramedics 11 minutes to revive the man and bring back his pulse. It is a miracle he is still alive, though he will now have to live with severe disabilities for the rest of his life. Last month it was revealed that a Los Angeles woman who was…


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