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American Elections: The Illusion of Choice?

September 2, 2012

American Elections: The Illusion of Choice?

Come November, the American people will be faced with two distinct options, reelect President Barack Obama or vote for Mitt Romney. The liberal Democrat and the Republican conservative seem to stand in stark contrast. They come from different backgrounds and have different views on most social issues like same-sex marriage, abortion, immigration. On the surface, Romney and Obama appear to be conflicting in ideas and ideals on all fronts. The popular perception is that Romney and Obama represent polices that are polar opposites of each other. In reality, when it comes to the most critical issues effecting America today like national debt, bank and corporate bailouts, monetary policy, foreign policy, military, civil liberties, Constitution, etc., the range of difference in their policies spans from non-existent to marginal. Media wants you to think that this election is about abortion and gay marriage. It’s not. As important as those issues are, clearly, the top three priorities for American people right now are the financial crisis, the unending wars and the erosion of our Constitution. And on to elections. Is there a right party? Is there a wrong party? Do we have a choice? PLEASE WATCH THIS VIDEO ALL THE WAY AND SHARE IT WITH OTHERS! The future of America will be determined by the polices affecting these 3 crucial topics. Consequently, the focus of this election should be centered on Obama’s and Romney’s proposed polices dealing with this threefold crisis. 1. Financial Crisis Our national debt, rising deficit and broken monetary system are pushing the country towards an economic collapse . Bailouts, stimulus packages and quantitative easing aimed at improving the economy are instead setting up America for an even bigger financial meltdown. The systematic debasement of U.S. dollar by the Federal Reserve is fueling inflation and rising prices. As the unemployment rate continues to gain pace, the working middle class is being pushed down into poverty. Incredibly, over 100 million Americans are now dependent on some form of government aid. 2. Unending Wars America’s interventionist foreign policy has led the United States into multiple unsustainable wars and is threatening to entangle our nation into more unnecessary conflicts around the globe. Peace has become something of a dirty word in Washington foreign-policy circles. But American people are rightly weary of overseas nation building and war profiteering under the guise of spreading democracy. Previous administration was caught lying to its people by manufacturing false claims of weapons of mass destruction in Iraq. The same tricks are being used now to involve America in the conflict in Syria and start a fresh war with Iran at the cost of more American lives. 3. Erosion of our Constitution Since the year 2000 Americans have watched in silence and disbelief as the executive branch declared itself to be above the law, its powers absolute, surpassing even the authority of our Constitution. With every legislature authorizing brazen violations of Constitutionally protected civil rights (such as NDAA), we are steadily morphing into the society depicted in Orwell’s 1984. Patriot act, warrant-less wire taps, nude scanners, cell tracking, air drone spying, TSA groping, overaggressive law enforcement, indefinite detention, suspension of 2nd and 4th amendments, assassinations of American citizens, etc., are continuing to draw fierce criticism from American public alarmed at government’s new trend of flagrant disregard for the Constitution. These three topics are of utmost importance and will have the biggest impact on all Americans in the coming four year term. Exactly, how the next president of the United States plans to handle these pressing issues should determine the course of this election. So, how would Romney stack up against Obama in this regard? Does Obama have better proposals to deal with these issues than Romney? Which one of them would be most effective in fixing the economy, ending wars and restoring the Constitution? At the end of the day, the answer to this question should be the deciding factor for your vote. Mainstream media’s election coverage does little to help answer this question. Meaningless points and useless information is rehashed ad nauseam 24/7. False claims and counter claims by both candidates just leave the public more misinformed and confused. But, if you disregard the hype in the media and take the time to conduct a serious analysis of Obama’s and Romney’s policies on these issues, you will come away with a startling conclusion. It turns out, in matters of critical importance, the real distinction between Obama and Romney is style rather than substance. Ironically, Obama and Romney support and oppose the same exact policies, making them virtually indistinguishable on these top 3 points. Both Obama and Romney Support: Bailouts, “too big to fail” concept, stimulus packages, quantitative easing and deficit spending Sending our troops to protect others borders and sending our money to foreign dictators Interventionist foreign policy from Bush era Federal restrictions on gun ownership Patriot Act Spying on American citizens without warrants Indefinite detention of American citizens without charge, trial or lawyer Assassinations of American citizens without due process! Both Obama and Romney Oppose: Balancing the budget in less than 30 years Paying down the national debt States rights to make their own laws A Government that consistently obeys the Constitution! It’s no secret that the biggest contributions for both Obama and Romney come from the same bankers, defense contractors, special interest groups, and lobbyists. Goldman Sachs, JP Morgan Chase, Citigroup, Morgan Stanley and UBS AG all made and make significant “donations” to both Romney and Obama at the same time, during the same campaign. This is precisely why both Obama and Romney hold virtually identical positions on every single critical issue facing America today. If you were not aware of this until today, it’s only because the purpose of the mainstream press is to shape your opinion rather than to give you an accurate assessment of each candidates’ position on most critical issues. Instead, they will focus your attention on same-sex marriage, abortion and birth control. The arguments, debates, smear campaigns and distortions in the media are there to give you an illusion of freedom of choice. If you’re pro-life and you can’t stand Obama, you get to vote for the Right, and if you’re for gay marriage and you hate Romney, you can pick the Left. But the truth is both Left and Right options lead to the same destination, more wars, more debt and more lies. If you’re not entirely convinced because you’re a loyal Romney or Obama supporter, please read on. Maybe you’re thinking we’re overstating the case here and are unduly accusing the media of manipulation and distortions. You might admit that we have a few networks that might be biased at times, but media manipulation might sound like an unfounded allegation. That’s understandable. After all this is not China’s state press. This is American media we’re talking about. We have protected freedom of press, independent trustworthy journalism and a plethora of available media companies. How can you possibly manipulate all the news networks, newspapers, magazines, online reporting and radio? We have thousands upon thousands of media sources in America, right? Wrong. We have thousands of media outlets, but only six main sources. Whether you’re watching TV, reading a newspaper or listening to radio, 90% of all media information actually comes from the same 6 companies. These six global behemoths are Comcast, Newscorp, Viacom, Disney, TimeWarner and CBS and they control countless media companies, cable networks, TV channels, show productions, motion studios, radio networks and the print press. Basically, everything you hear, see and read originates from these six mega-corporations. Of course, the information that flows out of them is packaged in different media brands, but the fact remains that 6 corporations control 90% of all media in America. By the way, it wasn’t always like this. Back in 1983, the same 90% of media was controlled by 50 companies. Overtime, American media was consolidated as these 50 companies were gobbled up through mergers and acquisitions. So, why is this important? This is important because, the illusion of choice in politics is directly related to the illusion of choice in media. It is consolidated media that makes information control possible and media manipulation effective. In our world of


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