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Facebook In Hot Water Over Facial Recogn

August 19, 2012

Facebook In Hot Water Over Facial Recognition I have actually had it with Facebook and am not recommending anyone use them for anything for any reason. I just got another business/company Fan Account terminated when I was setting it up. What did they want? A photo uploaded proving identity of the account holder. Next? Probably drivers license, social security number, credit card and bank account. WTF are they going to use this information for? The Photo Tag Suggest feature suggests who is featured in photographs posted to Facebook to encourage members to share them with friends. German authorities objected to the way Facebook introduced the technology on an opt-out basis, automatically applying it to all users. Johannes Caspar, data commissioner for Hamburg, said it meant data had been collected and processed without consent. The system means Facebook has created a database of biometric profiles of its members’ faces. Facebook agreed to suspend the service in July while it discussed it with regulators, but Mr Caspar said the talks had hit a dead end and a formal investigation would be reopened. It could lead to a fine or possibly a court case that could force Facebook to make changes if it loses. “We have met repeatedly with Facebook but have not been able to get their cooperation on this issue, which has grave implications for personal data,” Mr Caspar told the New York Times. Facebook faces new privacy investigation over facial recognition


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