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Stephanie Cutter Retroactively Retires From The Obama Campaign To Apologize To Romney…

July 22, 2012

Stephanie Cutter Retroactively Retires From The Obama Campaign To Apologize To Romney…

It’s a special year for democracy! The campaign to re-elect President Barack Obama, in conjunction with Andy Cobb and Second City Television, has produced a new 90-second web ad that offers presumptive Republican nominee and former Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney the apology he demanded last week when Obama staffers ripped him for being dishonest about when he left the venture capital group Bain Capital. Obama spokesperson Stephanie Cutter, who starred in the campaign’s previous collaboration with Second City , implied recently that Romney’s failure to come clean about the ties he still had to Bain after he left in February of 1999 make him either a liar or a felon , given that in his FEC filings, he claimed to no longer have any connection to the company. When the Boston Globe found documents that say Romney still had ties with the company, Romney surrogate Ed Gillespie hilariously claimed that his boss had “retroactively retired” from Bain. Since Citizens United, a new kind of campaign is emerging–aggressive, fast, and ready to dodge the mountain of money that is slowly collapsing on top of our poor lil’ country. Those campaigns without the “buttloads” (legal term) of cash necessary to control the news cycle must rely on speed, guile, and moxie to survive. It may be tough to imagine the Obama campaign taking on the Koch Bros. et al with apparently little else than a MILF and a crappy green screen, but it’ll be fun to watch them go for it. As for the captivating Ms. Cutter, she does the rapid response videos for the campaign, videos like this one: Poor woman–she just seems all broken up over the whole nasty business.… Please subscribe, like, share, like us on Facebook! Directed by Andy Cobb Produced by Jeph Porter Written by Andy Cobb, Josh Funk, Marc Warzecha, Ithamar Enriquez, Brian Shortall, Maribeth Monroe Starring Janel Benisch The Second City Network is quickly becoming one of the hottest channels on YouTube. Our work has been featured on Tosh.0 on Comedy Central, G4’s Attack of the Show, Inside Edition, NPR, MSNBC, CNN and more! Many of today’s biggest names got their start at The Second City main stages -including Tina Fey of 30 Rock, Stephen Colbert of the Colbert Report, and Steve Carell of The Office. Do you want to be a better comedy writer, actor, and improviser? Then sign up to take a class at one of our training centers! Chicago: Hollywood: Toronto: Study comedy for college credit at Second City: Watch videos created by our current students:


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