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Energy and Commerce Markups Move Forward

July 19, 2012

Energy and Commerce Markups Move Forward

E&C MARKUP CONTINUES: The Energy and Commerce Committee’s Energy and Power panel markup of three bills continues today at 10 a.m. in Rayburn 2123 following opening statements yesterday. What you need to know: – Top billing goes to the “No More Solyndras Act,” which committee ranking member Henry Waxman slammed as “not serious” yesterday. “It’s a political bill designed to keep Solyndra in the news.” Pros will remember that at least two panel Republicans – Reps. Joe Barton, who in 2005 set up the loan guarantee program, and Michael Burgess, both of Texas – expressed doubt about severing the program completely during a hearing last week. Barton called for reform, while Burgess noted large nuclear projects will probably require big loan guarantee deals in the future. – While the bill seems likely to make it out of subcommittee despite qualms from Barton and Burgess, today’s vote is a “litmus test” for those conservatives on cutting the budget, The Wall Street Journal writes in an editorial. “Republicans will be fiscal frauds if they renew the very money-losing energy programs they attacked Barack Obama for. When the next Solyndra goes bankrupt, voters will have more than Mr. Obama to blame.” – The committee will also mark up a bill to allow Amphastar Pharmaceuticals to sell its remaining stocks of inhaler Primatene Mist, which was banned by the FDA last December as part of an international agreement to phase out products containing chlorofluorocarbons. But every time Rep. Mike Burgess (R-Texas) – a physician and an asthma sufferer – asks why the seemingly minor CFC emissions issue can’t wait until there’s a new non-prescription inhaler on the shelves, he hears about medical concerns related to the inhaler’s use that have little to do with FDA’s stated reason for the ban. Erica laid out the concerns yesterday: . Burgess’s (unanswered) letter to the president: – Last but not least: A bill allowing farmers to pursue using methyl bromide, an ozone-harming pesticide. Democrats on the com


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