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Is Something A-Miss With Romney’s Swiss

July 8, 2012

Is Something A-Miss With Romney’s Swiss Account? Seems like the Romney financial disclosure issues runs much deeper: Unknown accounts and dealings in Bermuda, Bahamas and now a Swiss bank account?: “I’d really like to see Mitt Romney release more than one year of tax records because there’s been disturbing reports recently that he’s got a … secretive Bermuda corporation that no one knows anything about, investment in the Caymans … He’s got a Swiss bank account,” Wasserman Schultz said . The Florida congresswoman added: “Americans need to ask themselves: Why does an American businessman need a Swiss bank account and secretive investments like that?” Gibbs, the president’s former press secretary, went as far as to say there isn’t enough information to rule out whether the former Massachusetts governor has ever done anything illegal, suggesting that it’s possible that Romney may have skirted taxes. “The one thing he can do, Candy, to clear up whether or not he’s done anything illegally, whether he’s shielding his income from taxes in Bermuda or Switzerland, is to do whatever other presidential candidate has done and that’s to release a series of years of their own tax returns,” he told host Candy Crowley. “The best way to see if Mitt Romney is complying with America tax law is to have him release more of his tax returns.” Swiss miss: Aiming at overseas cash Mitt Romney’s foreign financial dealings are a hot topic for Democrats on the attack. Seems that he had one, now it’s closed? What else is being hid? ROMNEY: Why Did He Have a Swiss Bank Account in the First Place???


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